Conference Theme: Optimize your HSE & ESG strategy by utilizing innovative digital solutions and best in class frameworks to exceed new regulatory expectations

Session 1: Role of HSE Leadership in Crisis and Business Continuity Management

  • Address the challenges faced by companies during any emergency or crisis and identify the steps taken to maintain consistent HSE standards throughout your organization
  • Access innovative ideas, leadership can utilize to build a healthy culture post crisis which guarantees compliant and effective business continuity
  • Understand how the concept and perception of an effective safety culture been affected by the crisis or incident and how best-in-class strategies can support your HSE ambitions

Session 2: Future of Digitalization in the HSE Sector

  • Analyse how cutting-edge technologies including AI, ML, IOT and Virtual Reality can improve HSE operational efficiency to create a holistic culture of risk identification, remote management and maintenance, implementation of data collection for accident prediction and overall mitigation of risk
  • Why Digital Transformation matters and the role that change management plays in establishing a successful change
  • Review the impact of disruptive technologies and the challenges of integrating emerging tech as a solution to solve your HSE requirements

Session 3: Process Safety and it’s Framework

  • Examine new case studies which demonstrate how to deliver an effective Process Safety Management strategy that increases efficiency while drastically reducing HSE risks
  • Why and what ideal process safety framework should your business follow and understand how this will impact the implementation of a new PSM strategy
  • Takeaway best practices, refresh knowledge and learn from current HSE challenges and measurable actions taken to prevent future incidents

Session 4: Learning from the Pandemic and other Global Transformations about Occupational Health and Behavioural Safety

  • Examine the effect of pandemic and other major global transformative forces effecting occupational health and behavioural safety to best position organizations to address these in 2022
  • Understand the magnitude of occupational related disorders globally and how these have historically been met, and how we can improve on these throughout 2022
  • Why businesses should consider adding a behavioral-based safety framework to their pandemic protocols

Session 5: Sustainable Value Creation: How ESG Moved from a Cost Centre to a Value Driver

  • Review the future of ESG data reporting and understand how a holistic reporting strategy matched with bespoke technology can offer a fundamental ESG solution
  • Understand how capital markets expect your company to integrate, organize and communicate environmental sustainability in the Middle East and North Africa
  • Review the relationship between ESG and investment returns, demonstrating how incorporating ESG data into sound investment decisions for your Middle East business

Plus 2 Exclusive Breakout Workshops

Formulation of Resilient Safety Cultures

  • Understand how to integrate resilience engineering principles into the concept of safety culture
  • Identify the dimensions of resilient safety culture and investigate the impacts of resilient safety culture and its dimensions on safety performance
  • Discuss resilience process including: Anticipating, Monitoring, Responding & Learning

Digital Transformation – From Strategy to Execution

  • Learn how technologies can provide organizations with a high impact, scalable and efficient method to rapidly build the capabilities of workers,particularly those with less experience in high-risk environments.
  • Understand how digital transformation can help improved decision-making, based on rigorous and real-time data to better allocate resources
  • Analyse how digital transformation can increase efficiency and EHS process improvement, relieving resources to focus on more material matters




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