MENA HSE Forum 2022 has now concluded. We take this opportunity to thank all the sponsors, speakers and attendees who supported the conference. We look forward to returning in 2023 to deliver the next annual HSE Forum





Conference Content

DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION: Analyse the impact of disruptive technologies & high speed communication to improve workplace safety, monitor employee health status and build a sustainable workforce

ROLE OF HSE LEADERSHIP IN POST PANDEMIC WORLD : Address the challenges faced by companies during pandemic and identify the steps taken to maintain consistent HSE standards throughout your organization

SUSTAINABILITY: Reshape your workforce and best practices for environmental behaviour to reduce carbon footprint and provide a sustainable future for your business

PROCESS SAFETY FRAMEWORKS: Examine new case studies which demonstrate how to deliver an effective Process Safety Management strategy that increases efficiency while drastically reducing HSE risks

OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND BEHAVIOURAL SAFETY: Access MENA case studies outlining best practices to improve occupational health and behavioural safety in 2022

TRANSFORMATIVE TECHNOLOGIES: Hear which technologies are having the greatest HSE impact by contributing to workforce economics

MENA HSE Forum 2022 Speakers Include


Dr. Eng. Hani Hossni
EHS Director
Abu Dhabi Waste Management Center
- Tadweer

Dr. Rahaf Ajaj

Dr. Rahaf Ajaj
Assistant Professor of Environment, Health & Safety
College of Health Sciences

Naseem Mohammed Rafee

Dr. Naseem Mohammed Rafee
Director of Health & Safety Department
Dubai Municipality

Gerardo Daniel Abalde

Gerardo Daniel Abalde
Group Head
Saudi Aramco

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“Ensuring safety in the construction industry is very critical because it has different dimensions both economic wise and social wise and this is how (by understanding these dimensions) we can ensure that the sustainability concept is implemented at the workplace.I really enjoyed the conference. It has a lot of diversity. Most important thing was the diversity between industry and academia. We really need this collaboration. We had people from oil and gas, construction academia. And this kind of collaboration gives a new idea that can serve all stakeholders in the society.”
Dr Ghanim Kashwani
Post-Doctoral Associate in Civil Engineering
New York University, Abu Dhabi

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“These events are becoming increasingly necessary in the existing business environment. The need for education and orientation to the safety culture has risen and companies are gradually learning the need of using standardised/certified products. Dubai Health, Safety and Environment Forum targets decision-makers from industries across the UAE and ensures they take home valuable information through the different presentations and topics being discussed in this forum. I feel the event has been a success and such events should be held more frequently.”
Syed Farroukh Ali
Sr.Territory Manager


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