Technical Review Middle East stands out from the competition by consistently supplying its readers with information on the full range of topics that matter to their business.

The editorial is accessible both to the board level opinion-leader and the specifier at the technical management level, and influences more than 13,060 CEOs and decision makers throughout the Middle East.


Now in its 17th year of publication, Oil Review Middle East is the region's leading English & Arabic language oil and gas magazine. Its eight ABC-audited issues cover the upstream and downstream petroleum industry, from the GCC states and Iran to North Africa and the Caspian. Each one contains a mix of industry news, analysis, country reports, sector surveys, technical features, exhibition and conference previews and news of the latest industry technology. By combining authoritative and respected editorial with an unrivalled circulation, Oil Review has become firmly established in the region.

The magazine is augmented by a fortnightly e-newsletter and a website which is updated daily. 

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Oil Revie Africa

Oil Review Africa, launched in 2006, is published six times a year. It covers the exploration and production, upstream and downstream petroleum industry across the entire continent.

Each issue contains industry news, country reports, sector surveys, technical feature articles, exhibition and conference reviews and news of the latest industry developments and product launches.


Fire Middle East magazine and website provides the most successfully integrated media platform in the Middle East region. This quarterly magazine is the leading publication for Fire and Safety professionals across the GCC and Middle East with a verified circulation of 14,000 and wider readership of over 42,000 Fire Fighters, Engineers Installers, integrators, suppliers and buyers. The web site is ranked No1 on most major search engines like Google and receives over 15,000 hits per month, providing a one stop shop for news and products for installers and buyers in the region.

For more information about Security Middle East magazine, Website and range of online services please visit- or contact Mike Dingle TEL: +44 (0) 1752 267 330 is the fire industry’s most comprehensive source for fire and safety product information. Our extensive product database covers thousands of firefighting and fire protection products like apparatus systems and equipment that include hose reels, adapters/fittings, ladders, vehicles, and mounting brackets, etc. from leading manufacturers. The website also features essential company news, updated daily; firefighting conference events calendar, and a comprehensive firefighting manufacturers showcasing Manufacturers in the fire industry from around the world. For regular updates register now at

RefinerLink offers a one-stop shop for oil refiners around the world to connect and efficiently leverage communal knowledge. From news and industry event listings, to job postings, blogs, employee surveys, and community forums, RefinerLink delivers an exceptionally clean platform that consolidates top notch oil refining content.


MDM Publishing Ltd produces three specialist magazines for the international fire protection and fire response sectors; International Fire Protection (IFP), International Fire Fighter (IFF) and Asia Pacific Fire (APF). All three magazines are supported by their own websites offering subscribers unique access to industry news, product blogs, videos and a complete library of back issues. IFP is the only international journal dedicated to fire safety, prevention and protection covering every aspect of the passive and active fire protection market.


IFF is the leading global publication for municipal and industrial fire fighters and the fire and rescue industry.


APF is the only quarterly journal for the Asia Pacific market dedicated to both fire protection and firefighting.


Features, products, and services that help keep employees safe and their organization OSHA compliant. "Industrial Hygiene News" informs and educates occupational safety and health professionals dealing with workplace safety.


Pollution Equipment News is the only Tabloid magazine in the industry. Out integrated media offering is unmatched with out reach of over 80,000+ readers. Published since 1967 Pollution Equipment News covers the environmental industries of water, wastewater, air and hazardous waste pollution. This magazine covers equipment and services used by those who are responsible and design the pollution abatement systems and policies for their organizations. Topics that are covered: green technologies that reduce the organization's environmental impact; Air quality testing instrumentation and air cleaning equipment; Waste and wastewater technologies to clean up polluted streams of water to mean EPA's standards for drinking and wastewater applications. WEBSITE:


The OGM is a trendy oil and gas publication that people TRULY LOVE to read! It’s engaging, entertaining and educational - A welcome change from dense technical jargon! With a global audience of energy enthusiasts, The OGM provides a positive and powerful stand for a new energy sustainable future. Offering over 40 verticals from which to find your points of interest and expertise, The OGM is quickly becoming a hub for energy readers and writers alike. The OGM is architecting the worlds largest community of energy readers and writers and you are invited to submit your expertise, transfer technology and share your knowledge with the U PUBLISH IT, self-publishing platform, now available at Simply go to U PUBLISH IT, read the guidelines and submit your stories for our consideration to publish.



EIN News is the world leader in industry focused online news monitoring. Thousands of leading companies, institutions and global professionals from business, industry, and government rely on EIN News as an indispensable resource. Our systems continuously scan the web, indexing news from thousands of worldwide sources. The news you need is then organized by advanced software systems managed by a team of professional news editors. Everything we do is focused on streamlining your news searches and research in order to save you time and money.


The Energy Info

Energy has no doubt become one of the most fundamental elements, this element 'ENERGY' is the domain of TOTAL ENERGY INFORMATICS. The unmatched quality with its profound understanding in the energy sector, makes THE SUPERLATIVE intelligent information source of choice for companies involved & looking for business opportunities in the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Power, Refinery, Pipeline & Water sectors.

Excellent business information is a must-have tool for anyone seriously building a profitable business, and we at strive to provide that kind of intelligent information.

Our aim remains to ’re-define project information sourcing' and we proudly claim, no one does it better than us, as we provide quality information at the right time, which have and will; directly or indirectly; lead our subscribers to have a slice of the on-going projects.



Global Security Mag is a quarterly magazine & website in French & English targeting on IT Security.

Global Security Magazine is a Logical & Physical IT Security Magazine circulated to 5,000 decision makers, typically CSO.

We have daily online information in English & French at: & and in newsletters.


Oil & Gas

Oil and Gas World Magazine is a quarterly one (4 times a year) issued in both Arabic and English Languages. The magazine is focusing on the latest oil and gas developments in the Middle East.

The magazine is circulated among Engineers, Geologists, Consultants, Businessmen, Researchers, marketing managers, and other interested categories.


World oils

Worldoils is a company that combines the power of marketing as well as the in-house expertise for the Oil, Gas, Offshore and the Maritime industries. Worldoils' web portal has become a truly central platform for visitors who need information regarding oil and gas products and services, research, training, conferences, news and events as well as a popular advertising base for providers of Oil, Gas, Marine and Offshore services. Worldoils has also launched the jobs system and a marketplace. In the recent months, Worldoils has strengthened its position as a fast developing central place for buying and selling of land rigs, offshore rigs, barge rigs and other oilfield and subsea equipment.