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tremcoNullifire organised a half day technical seminar in February 2017 in Dubai, to discuss fire protection in buildings across the GCC

The United Arab Emirates has been committed to ensure safety of its residents and citizens for decades, even in terms of fire protection measures. On 22 February 2017, Nullire organised this half day session to discuss the issue of fire safety, in collaboration with Health, Safety, Security Review Middle East.  

Incidents of fire are not unheard of in the emirates. Conscientious measures are being constantly pushed by the UAE government agencies namely Dubai Civil Defence and Abu Dhabi Civil Defence to better the already top-class living standards in the two cities. 

Nullifire organised ‘The Fire Protection in Building Design’ technical conference, in collaboration with Health, Safety & Security Review Middle East magazine, to bring together more than 200 delegates and top notch speakers from across the fire safety industry.

The topics ranged from enhancing fire protection solutions in building to looking at fire safety in steel structure. Both addressed by Dr Andrew Taylor, fire protection specialist, R&D at tremco illbruck. Providing reference cases from the US, he stated that most of the deaths occur not due to fire but due to inhalation of toxic fumes. He also reiterated on the importance of active and passive fire protection in buildings. As an expert in intumescent coating, he suggested that the protective top seal can go a long way in safeguarding steel structures in building. 

Nullifire is at the forefront of smart passive fire protection. For over 40 years, Nullifire has been a market leader in intumescent and fire stopping solutions. According to the company, passive fire protection is highly complex but crucially important, especially as buildings become more sophisticated. With a unique team of technical experts, everything is focused on providing what its customers need at every stage of their project - smart protection.