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50 MMH LTI Free LayoutMcDermott reaches 50 million (mn) man-hours performed without a lost time incident  in the Middle East

Leading EPCI-contractor McDermott International announced in March that it has reached 50 mn man-hours without a lost time incident (LTI) in its Middle East Area.

“Everyone at McDermott had a part to play in reaching the 50 mn man-hour milestone; it was achieved through mutual regard for each other and dedicated teamwork,” said Linh Austin, McDermott’s Vice President, Middle East and Caspian. “Safety isn’t just a procedure for us, it’s a culture deep-rooted within every function and division of our business. It is our number one priority.”

The industry-leading safety milestone, which was reached on 27 January 2017, was achieved in part through the company-wide adoption of McDermott’s taking the lead program and implementation of McDermott Operational Values (“MOVs”).  These programs seek to embed excellence in safety performance and a “safety-first” attitude and behaviors into the company culture. The MOVs were created to identify key procedures and processes needed for safety success.

The achievement dates back to 22 October 2013 and since then McDermott has fabricated and installed 38 topsides and 47 jackets with a combined weight of 89,978 tons. In addition, McDermott installed a total of 217 km of pipelines and 313 km of cables. 

As a company, McDermott recently reached one year without a lost-time incident, which includes the Company’s four global fabrication facilities, two spool bases, 12 McDermott-owned/operated offshore vessels and offices around the world.