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Qatar Latest News

landingpage jacketGlobal Manufacturing Company has launched ATHLETIX™, a new turnout gear for firefighting personal protective equipment

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Restrata portal imageA security system from Restrata which brings together up-to-the-minute information on key security developments in Iraq and the implications for companies operating in the region will launch this month

Restrata’s new web-based portal is set to go live and will serve as a platform to provide reporting and longer-term situational risk analysis conducted by its Business Solutions Operation Centre (BSOC) in Basrah.Restrata is co-located with the Basrah Operations Command, the main headquarters of the Iraqi Security Forces (ISF), and provides a liaison between ISF and International Oil Companies and private business.

Promoting freedom of movement, emergency liaison, and information, and analysis through bespoke and regular reporting, the online portal will offer comprehensive current situation assessment and analysis, as well as an archive of historic material.

Information provided by BSOC allows organisations to plan and implement safe journey management with real-time situational awareness. Through liaison with the 24/7 Control Centre companies can gain assistance in dealing with any difficulties that may occur and responding to incidents. Through the BSOC, the Iraqi Security Forces can be called upon to support subscribers in emergency situations.

The BSOC Insight subscription includes up to 8 regular reports as well as real-time information feeds. The South-East daily focusses on incidents and issues around the Basrah province of Iraq and the current security picture. Basrah and Iraq weekly reports review recent incidents and their effect on the medium-term security situation. Basrah and Iraq monthly reports combine all incidents in the respective areas over the past month to give a significant insight into the current situation and analysis on possible outcomes, ideal for planning for corporate risk management.

Annual external compliance reportTo deliver the infrastructure required to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup, the State of Qatar established the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy in 2011. The Committee is primarily responsible for the design, construction and upgrade of stadiums, training sites and fan villages.

The Supreme Committee operates in a challenging context as Qatar has not ratified three of the eight ILO Fundamental Conventions on freedom of association, collective bargaining and equal remuneration. The ILO Committee of Experts has made recommendations to Qatar on the implementation of three Fundamental Conventions, which Qatar has ratified (on forced labour and discrimination). Civil society organisations have been vocal in raising their concerns about labour practices in the region. Impactt reviewed the Supreme Committee’s standards and processes and developed an independent methodology tailored specifically to assess contractors and subcontractors’ compliance against the Workers' Welfare Standards and the results of Impactt’s external compliance monitoring show overall progress in some of the most prominent areas of concern can been seen in this report.


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Kitchen oil fire demonstration 4A technology-led initiative to transform the way oil and gas workers around the world undertake safety-critical emergency response training has received cross-continent support from organisations keen to be part of its development

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